San Benito High School Girls' Soccer Team

Athletics Eligibility

Eligibility Information

Are You Eligible?

You must see Mrs. Doty IMMEDIATELY if…

  • You have attended another high school
  • You are a NEW student to Hollister High School
  • You do not live with your parents
  • You are a Foreign Exchange Student

It is critical that we ensure every athlete is eligible to compete. If any of the above apply to you, or you are unsure about your eligibility status, please contact the Haybaler Athletic Office at 831-637­-5831 ext. 328 regarding athletic eligibility or completing the necessary paperwork.

All students involved in athletics at Hollister High School must be Academically Eligible to compete. See the information below:

Athletics Paperwork Information (available on the Athletics Home page)

The Athletic Paperwork above contains the required documents for athletic participation at Hollister High School. All athletes must take the Concussion Pre-Evaluation Test before turning in the completed and signed forms to Mrs. Doty at the Student Activities and Athletics Office, room 328 before trying out for a sport. Paperwork is available on the HHS Athletics web page. Electronically signed forms will not be accepted.